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Cristina Căpâlnaș went Home to be with the Lord !

Cristina Căpâlnaș went Home to be with the Lord!


Cristina Căpâlnaș

(12 octombrie 1967 – 9 ianuarie 2017)

Syntia Piuian: Thank you Lord for the precious time we were able to have with our loving Mother. These past 2 months have been the toughest moments for my entire family. We are able to go on knowing that she is in a better place right now and heaven is rejoicing as they welcome her home. She was always in God’s hands and we believe that his plans are good and for the better. If I could describe my Mom in 3 words it would be Faithful, Self-less and Compassionate. She lived a life of serving others and making sure her actions/words were always pleasing to the Lord. She would constantly welcome guests into our home and let them stay with us for weeks,months, and sometimes years at a time. She made sure everyone was taken care of and never complained once. Although she is gone now, we have strength and peace in our hearts knowing she is in God’s hands.

The night before she left us, she had felt a great deal of pain, and had the hardest time trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep. She kept tossing and turning over 100x, and while we all took shifts watching her, we witnessed this: through all the pain she was feeling, she never complained once and just smiled. Even while we had people come over and pray with us, she would use up all her strength just to give them a smile and let them know that God is faithful and working. She was the rock and prayer warrior of our family. We thank her for all that she has done and we know she will continue to look down on us from heaven and smile. She leaves behind a beautiful example of a „good and faithful servant” and although we really wanted her to stay here with us, we knew she was ready to go be with the Lord. We love you Mom and can’t wait to meet again in heaven someday. Till then, we will remember you and live by your beautiful example.

This is the song we kept singing throughout our trial and even after she left us. It encourages us to trust in the Lord no matter the circumstance for he holds our every moment.

Mă-ncred în El, orice s-ar întâmpla,
Pe drumul meu sau în viaţa mea;
Fie ce-o fi, în orice zi,
Cerescul Tată m-a călăuzi.

R: Mă-ncred în El, El ştie soarta mea,
Pe stâncă sus sau în adânc de văi,
Lovit de val, ajung la mal,
Cerescul Tată m-a călăuzi.

2. Mă-ncred în El, oriunde aş fi dus,
Chiar în cuptor de foc de aş fi pus,
În suferinţi şi-n bucurii,
Cerescul Tată m-a călăuzi.

3. Mă-ncred în El, chiar şi când nu-nţeleg,
Eu, voia Lui întotdeauna-aleg,
Căci doar aşa, în slava Sa,
Cerescul Tată m-a călăuzi.


Scumpă este înaintea Domnului moartea celor iubiţi de El. – Psalmii 116:15

Condoleante familiei Capalnas. Domnul sa va mangaie inimile in aceste clipe grele.

Familia Capalnas este bine cunoscuta si stimata in comunitatea romanilor din Chicago si in special in comunitatea evanghelica. Sora Cristina a plecat la Domnul dupa o suferinta trupeasca si a lasat in urma sotul si cei 6 copii. Dumnezeu sa le fie alaturi in aceste clipe dureroase.

Gabriel Gorcea: Dupa o suferinta, Domnul a chemat-o acasa pe Cristina Capalnas. Va invit sa ne rugam pentru familia indurerata. Dumnezeu sa o mangaie.

S-a anuntat Serviciul de Priveghi. Un gest emotional din partea bisericilor penticostale, se vor suspenda serviciile de Duminica seara pentru ca vom fi impreuna alaturi de familia Capalnas –

Serviciul de Priveghi pentru Cristina Căpâlnaș – Toate bisericile penticostale din Chicago se vor unii pentru a fi alături de familia îndoliată!


Foto: Biserica Betania



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