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Barnevernet Boss Comments on the Bodnariu Case

Go away. Everything is fine. Nothing to see here…

That seems to be the attitude of Solveig Horne, the Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality, as if the Bodnariu case was just any other CPS case.

She said as reported by The Local: “I’m glad to hear that the parents and Barnevernet have come to an agreement and will cooperate so that the children can move back in with their parents. Now we will respect the children and the family by complying with their request for peace.”

No mention of the international uproar that has foreigners emigrating away from Norway in fear of Barnevernet. No mention of official proceedings against Norway in the European Court of Human rights and the Council of Europe. No mention of street protests and media fury against her CPS.  She only  mentions the cooperation that Barnevernet will now have with the family. Nevermind the international pressure which brought about this cooperation!

I will echo what Marius Reikeras mentioned in a public post. Why hasn’t Barnevernet cooperated with the Bodnariu family BEFORE confiscating their children? Why cooperate now, after Norway has been shamed on the international stage?

We know the answer.

Barnevernet never intended on returning these children.

Without massive pressure at multiple levels like government, media, social media etc, Barnevernet would have proceeded with their ANNOUNCED intent of forced adoption.

This case will have a lasting effect in Norway, and we see some evidence of it. An article in Dagbladet today is very critical toward the Norwegian media which has been a tacit bystander while CPS commits human rights violation.

The pressure must now intensify on cases like the Nans and Avramescus.

Time will tell how Norway will respond.

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