Publicat de: damianion | Mai 13, 2016

Pastor John Piper is Following the Drama Out of Norway

John Piper is probably the most recognizable face when it comes to contemporary Evangelical theologians and preachers. He is the author of dozens of books, and the founder of Desiring God ministries. He has been following the news out of Norway with stories like the Bodnariu case. In arecent podcast on Desiring God he said:

“…we humans are not in a very good position to define what perfect love in the Creator of the universe must look like. We are too sinful, too finite, too culturally bound.

For example, this is right off my front burner: I think that if the federal government of Norway were to vote on what a loving God must or may not do, they wouldn’t allow him to spank his children. This has been very much in the news recently because Norway has become increasingly, it seems, heavy-handed — I would say that anyway — in removing children from their parents who don’t measure up precisely to the ideas of what parental love looks like to the government. Whoa, government.”

We hope John Piper will bring the drama of the children in Norway to the forefront of American Evangelicalism as more and more newspapers and news outlets (Washington Times) are publicizing the stories of families like the Bodnariu family.

These are exciting times for Barnevernet victims who have suffered for years at the hands of this system.


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