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Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders


Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders

The Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) is taking a beating like never before. There are more victims who now have the courage to come public with their stories. There are reports of directors resigning.  There are horrifying reports that children are dying in the system. Some activists are saying that on average 2 children die per week while under CPS care.

The death of a 13-year-old girl has made front page news this week after she was found dead in her bed. Her biological parents are devastated that their concerns about her epilepsy were not addressed.

As the Barnevernet ship appears poised to sink, Barnevernet is waging a propaganda campaign in the media.

Who is coming to their rescue?

Progressive Romanians who live in Norway.

Delight in Truth wrote about pastor Beniamin Ciuciu who defended the CPS in a newspaper interview. Turns out he is affiliated with a Norwegian church and is supporting Barnevernet to maintain that relationship, as his church dwindling.


Here is another devil’s advocate, to use the English idiom, which in this case may reflect reality not just a mode of linguistic expression. Her name is Adriana Lie and she wrote an article for Bergens Tidende here.

She wants to tell us that she is upset with all the international protests and the “demonization of the CPS.”

She is also upset by the fury of anti-CPS posts in social media.

She is also upset with politicians, pastors, athletes, activists and pretty much every other Romanian who dares to question the Norwegian system.

Really? Wow.

Friends, this is a war. It is waged in the media and social media, and it appears that Barnevernet has hired mercenaries to fight against the Bodnarius, the Nans, and other families who are decimated by Barnevernet.

Maybe the mercenaries should look into the statistics of children dying and suffering harm inside Barnevernet. Maybe they should talk to the Romanian families who found scrapes, bruises and burns on their children during visitation.

Some child protection!

Who is the monster here? Who is the demon?

Barnevernet, hence the international demonization of this runaway organization.

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