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Viorel Iuga discurs la Oradea


  1. English Version

    Pastor Viorel Iuga – Arad

    I believe that children have rights.
    I am not quite sure what to say about the state yet, if it has rights or responsibilities, or both.
    We enjoy our Father God’s daily presence in our lives. Every child in this world has the right to be in the presence of their parents, and there is no institution in the world that has the right to rob the children of that. I believe that every child has rights. Do you know what these are, in my opinion? The right to see the smile of their mother and their father every day; for a child, two minutes without his mother is a long time; for a child, two hours without his mother is a very long time; two days without his mother can be catastrophic for a child; it has been already two months since the children of this family (referring to the Bodnariu family) have not seen their parents.
    My question is: Norway, or any other state, who do you think you are to rob my child of his right to see my smile, to feel my embrace, to listen to my prayers? Yes, it is true, we the Romanians are more sentimental as a people, but, listen to me, Norway, we are not a bunch of shepherds. We know how to read stories to our children. My children have the right to ask me to read stories to them every night. My children have the right to ask me to play with them. My children have the right to ask me to take them to school. My child has the right to ask me to pack him a Romanian sandwich, be it however simple, like cornbread and onion. It is his right to ask that of me as a parent! Who are you, Norway or Romania, to rob me and my child of this right?
    Yes, I use heavy words, and I will continue to use them: Yes, our children have been stolen! And their rights to smile, to live and to be happy alongside their parents have been stolen! This might bother some, but know that my child has the right to pray with me, and to ask me: “Daddy, teach me The Lord’s Prayer” or “Daddy, tell me about David and his slingshot”. That is my child’s right! I do believe that children have rights! And nobody in this world has the right to rob my child of his rights!
    It’s been discussed so much –“what if we spank the children”…Listen up, let’s suppose we spanked our children. Then we violated their right of not being spanked. So, as a parent, I violated one of my child’s rights. But, you the state, you violated 250 rights of my child. So which one should be behind bars then? I do accept help as a parent, but you cannot rob a child of his right given by God, who placed him in a family. I have said it before, and I will say it again: we are not perfect parents. We did not choose our children, but God decided to give them to us. If any others want children, have your own, but do not take ours, do not educate ours, and do not rob our children of the right to an education that God commanded us to give to them! I don’t want to abuse of your time, but we have to always emphasis: Children have rights! They have the right to have their own parents!
    As parents we have obligations, obligations to our children, obligations to our neighbors, obligations to our country. I want to ask you this: when someone takes my children from my side, how can I continue to fulfil my obligations toward my children? How can I fulfil my obligations ordained by God and society toward my children? I do believe we have many obligations to our children. But listen to me, citizens of Arad and everyone else: my very first obligation is toward the One who gave me my children, and that is God, who commands me to raise them in the fear of the Lord and by Christian principles! Nobody has the right to rob me of the chance to fulfil my obligation. I owe it to God to raise my children, but in order to raise them, I need them by my side!
    I digressed – I left off talking about the state. I will start with positive things. The state has rights, be it Romania or Norway. I have always tried to be a good honest citizen and to earn my rights in this state. I encourage you all to be honest citizens, and to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”. But the state has also obligations, not just rights. I hope the president hears me, and the congressmen, and everyone in the government. Their major obligation is to provide for me the possibility of fulfilling my responsibility toward my children. I want to tell our president, respectfully, that I know my obligation toward him: God tells me to pray for those in office, and I do pray for our president. May God bless him and grant him health! Since I know my obligation toward him, I need him to know that he has the obligation to protect me and my children, no matter where I am on this earth, because I am Romanian! Since I am Romanian, I expect my country Romania and the president to protect me, and to help me fulfil my obligations, so I can honorably represent my country anywhere in the world.
    The children have rights, but not the ones that people think of first, but the ones ordained by God. As parents, we have responsibilities. I am not sure that we have rights. We cannot fulfil our obligations without help from above and without our children by our side. The state has rights, but it also has responsibilities!
    May God bless Romania! May God bless Norway!
    And may God bless all those families that are suffering and we don’t know about. There are many families that we don’t know, but they suffer because children and parents cannot be together. We pray to God that the Bodnariu family, and many others like them, would be able to sing very soon this song “We are a united family”!
    Before we close in prayer, shall we try to sing this song together? This square will sound so wonderful!

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