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Norwegian Media Can No Longer Ignore Barnevernet Abuse

imageABC nyheter (Norwegian ABC news) is reporting somethinginteresting in this article. Turns out that all is not well inside the Norwegian CPS called Barnevernet which 2 months ago unfairly confiscated the 5 Bodnariu children.

ABC news reports a day ago that Solveig Horne was well aware of Barnevernet abuses in 2013, just prior to her being promoted as minister of the department that oversees Barnevernet. In her discussion with a father who had his child traumatized by the CPS, Horne wrote:

“You are not alone to meet a child who does not [do well]… Now we are waiting in anticipation for what comes from the government, but we do not have high hopes. What we are experiencing is that no matter how many good laws we have, it seems as if CPS has its own laws [of/above] Norwegian law. It makes its assessments and checks this.”

This was said in 2013 before her promotion and we know that Barnevernet has not been reformed since then. It has continued a pattern of child confiscation based on trivial matters as is the case in the Bodnariu family.

ABC news asked her if this is still the case in her CPS. She served up some more Kool Aid, and gave a politically correct answer:

“I’m still concerned about the families’ legal rights and that we shall have a child where children and families receive the right help at the right time.Therefore one of the first I started as minister an evaluation of county boards, and to appoint a committee to make child protection law easier”

The article has another surprising twist to it because it links to another piece that is critical of how CPS uses psychologists in assessing the children who are confiscated. Many experts in Norway say that psychologists are forced to agree with CPS and render professional reports which agree with the CPS position. What happens if they psychologist sides with the child and the family? They lose the contract and their CPS referrals.

These are some of the stories in the Norwegian press resulting from the Bodnariu saga and the world-wide protests against Barnevernet. It is good news for us. Norway can no longer ignore what is happening at the international level, especially with news that a Romanian parliamentary delegation is traveling to Norway this week in an attempt to resolve the Bodnariu case.

This is one of the top stories on Romanian TV and many international news outlets are picking it up as well. Norwegian human rights lawyer Marius Reikeras said about the Bodnariu home town: “Naustdal is soon to be Norway’s most famous place abroad.”

How true.

Famous for an overzealous CPS who took 5 kids without warning, without investigation, without attempting to counsel the family.

We are encouraged to see that many Norwegians are standing up to the abuses perpetrated by Barnevernet. We hope to see the Bodnariu family and the other families reunited immediately. We hope to see the system reformed and human rights respected.


Source: Delight in Truth

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