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Peste 100 de carti si dictionare gratis

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In this issue…

*Discount available only through and not through in-application purchases or third party vendors such as iTunes, Google Market, and BlackBerry App World. Not all products are available on all platforms; be sure to check compatibility with your device.


Resource Guide



„Connecting all your resources to the passage at hand”


Still curious what the Resource Guide is on your BibleReader? This short demo will give you a good idea. Want to know how to install it? Click here for instructions. Customize your Resource Guide HERE. Click here for all BibleReader 5 Video Tutorials & Reviews.

Strong’s Tagged Bibles

Ever wonder which Greek or Hebrew word is behind a specific English word? With a Strong’s tagged Bible all you do is tap on a word and the Strong’s definition pops up on screen without ever losing your spot in the text! Click on the picture to the right for a larger screen shot.

Free Resources

Take advantage of all that Olive Tree has to offer! There are over 120 free resources? You can find over 1200 Enhanced sermons from John Piper, biographies, devotionals, a couple of commentaries (Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown Commentary, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary), even a free Bible DictionaryClick Here to browse all the free resources.

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